Why Is Friendship Important In A Relationship?

Is friendship really something that is necessary to sustain a healthy relationship? Innumerable times this question has come up and every time there seems to have been just one answer. Yes it is important. Many studies have proven that relationships which have been based on good friendships have not only lasted longer but also gone all the way. It is also believed that not only relationships but marriages work better if there is friendship between the couple.

Source: myflowertree.com
Source: myflowertree.com

The reasons as to why friendship is considered important are basically,

  • Friendship equals connection. Being friends with someone helps you develop the kind of connection which will later on help your budding romance to grow. Knowing about one’s likes, dislikes, hobbies etc is a very vital part of getting to know each other.
  • Friendship is not only the stepping stone to a loving relationship but it is also a building block and the spine of a good and healthy married life as well. There are innumerable advantages of marrying a friend, especially your best friend. Not only does that person known you but he/she also know how to handle you. You know that they will never break your heart intentionally or hurt you because friendship is involved. No one would purposely want to hurt their best friend.
  • There is also a lot more compassion and understanding involved in the relationship if friendship is involved. If your friend cracks a joke on you or teases you, you don’t get upset you take it lightly, things can be similarly done in a relationship if it is based on a friendship.
  • Something like running out of things to talk about will never happen if the person you are in a relationship with or you are married to is your close friend because it is in him/her that you would like to confine all your day to day happening and incidents in. And that you will always have something or the other to talk about.
  • A relationship based on good friendship ensures more openness and less secrets, more trusts and less doubts. Things get a lot less complicated when the one you are dating is a friend. Because if you miss him/her you can just call and not think twice about it, you can share all your feeling with him/her. He/she helps ease your pain.
  • Friendship makes you value each other more. And once you value each other more you will naturally work harder to sustain the relationship because it is something that is important to you both.

Many get scared when it comes to confessing their love to their friends or best friends because they are generally scared about losing the friendship and the connection that they already have with that person. And even though this fear is understandable and is something everyone goes through, but it is kind of a proven fact that this risk is a risk that is usually worth taking.

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