When Parents Fight

The atmosphere in the house can get very stifling if your family members fight regularly over trivial issues. How does one manage to cope with domestic fights?

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  1. If your parents don’t get along with each other or if they are often at loggerheads with your grandparents, you have to deal with the situation sensibly. Firstly, accept the fact that in a family, fights do occur because people think differently. It does not always mean that they do not love each other. Also, at times it is better to fight over an issue and close the chapter rather than bear lifelong grudges.
  2. Quite often children can resolve issues with their jokes. laughter and love. So, the next time there’s a fight, spread a little cheer. Surprise your parents with a table laden with goodies or play some songs that your parents love listening to. Let the entire family know how nice it is to see everyone smiling.
  3. Taking sides when your parents argue will do more harm than good. Remember, there are certain issues which you are still too young to understand. Also, do not broach the subject of your family troubles with neighbors and strangers. When the word spreads, it generates more ill feeling.
  4. If domestic fights become too frequent, tell your parents in no uncertain terms that each time they fight, you feel hurt and insecure. Let your family know how their fights are affecting your healthy development.
  5. It takes all kinds of people to make this world. Two people whom you love dearly may not get along with each other. In such cases, you have to be strong. If you cannot change things, learn to accept them. Each one of us has a set of responsibilities to fulfill towards the family, school, friends and towards oneself. Your studies and school activities are your primary responsibility. It may be hard, but try and focus
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