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During holidays some of you may wonder what to do with your spare time. Of course, you can sleep, surf the net or watch TV. But after a few days, monotony sets in and you begin to look for activities to keep yourself busy.

Source: littlegatepublishing.com
Source: littlegatepublishing.com
  1. Holidays are perfect for pursuing hobbies. You can choose anything that interests you painting, sketching, cooking, reading, driving, dance, music etc. Indulge in something that you enjoy and which you are unable to do during normal schooldays.
  2. Hobbies are meant to relax you. Whatever you do, do it for fun and not as a chore. If painting a picture becomes a task that you would like to end at the earliest, the fun quotient dips immediately. So learn to enjoy what you are doing.
  3. There’s nothing like attending hobby classes with your buddies. It’s good to see your friend, Miss Composed, jittery on skates or equally hilarious when Mr. Rigid performs the salsa. Besides, you can share valuable tips and make new friends.
  4. If commuting to hobby classes is a problem, you can team up with your friends in the neighborhood. Each one can teach the others something that he or she is good at. This way not only do you learn something new, but also enhance your own knowledge of the subject while teaching the others.
  5. You can even use hobbies to perk up your pocket money. If you are a good dancer, why don’t you start dance classes for little ones in your locality? If words flow smoothly from your pen, you can contribute to the local editions of newspapers they are often on the lookout for local journalists. A little creativity and a dash of confidence is all that is required to make a success of it.
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