Reality shows all that glitters

Reality shows

Reality shows are especially popular among teenagers. Many aspire to be a part of them. They spend hours sending SMSs or dialling phone numbers to get an entry into a show. But is the effort really worth it?

  • Being a part of these shows may not be always a great experience. There is cut-throat competition involving intense hard work that often leads to nasty tussles.
  • In many such shows judges speak rudely to the contestants and they in turn are expected to exaggerate their response simply to create melodrama. Remember, there is nothing great about being ridiculed by the judges.
  • You have to be away from home for many days, slogging through wee hours, meeting rigid schedules and sacrificing your studies. Disillusioned and disheartened, some participants quit midway.
  • The public memory is short lived. Even if you win laurels your ‘talk of the town’ status will change to that of a ‘has-been’ in no time. Reality shows only help you gain a foothold into the ruthlessly competitive world of glamour. But there are no shortcuts to success.
  • Fame has nothing to do with being loved and happy. Family and friends will care for you whether you are famous or not. It is more important to develop one’s skills and talent success and fame will follow.
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