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Juggling between personal and professional life has always been a task for women, which seems to never end. Women in business have their kitty filled with haphazard struggles. Right from striking a balance between home and work-place, raising children to displaying aggression while pitching, working with mind and soul and passion and showing that we mean business and can do a lot better. A battlefield stands out there, with open arms, amidst which we’ve to exhibit our dynamism with full authenticity. Isn’t it vital for an entrepreneur to attract the stakeholders? This requires skill and ability. Skill in portraying yourself and making your presence felt and ability to conduct your words and gestures wisely. An amalgamation of skill, ability, capacity and presentation can help you discover your own style and set you apart from others. And to discover these hidden aspects one should love oneself, unconditionally.

Here are a few ways one can boost the underlying charisma and make a name for oneself:

Source: entrepreneur.com

Open up:

Displaying closed body gestures during a meeting is never good. An open torso is essential in the sense that otherwise we look unwelcoming. It seems as though we are showing restraint. When in reality, we really should go all out during sales or networking. Remember, you want your product/service/solution to be welcomed and received well by others, you too need to look easy, welcoming and charismatic.

Display confidence:

A battlefield awaits out there, amidst which women have to showcase their abilities and talent while exhibiting their natural charisma. Isn’t it absolutely essential for every entrepreneur to attract the stakeholders? All this can be done with the use of appropriate words, conduct, gestures, ideas and a calm presence. These few things help us discover our own style, and when you are comfortable in your own skin, you are ought to be confident.

Haste is waste:

You probably are running short of time and have too much in your kitty. But that shouldn’t make you do things out of anxiousness because that may result in an unwanted situation where you wouldn’t be able to impress either your boss or your clients. In times like these, you’ve got to breathe deep from your diaphragm as it will make you calm and bring you back to normal. The breathing exercise will help you otherwise as well. It will make you sound more relaxed in meetings. Composed, but dynamic.

Work on gestures, facial expression:

For you to make an impression that never fades, you must have an appealing personality. Facial expressions and gestures play an important role in building up this personality. An enthusiastic and lively person is taken well by people while the ones who remain dull and gloomy aren’t accepted and appreciated much. A charming demeanor is the need of the hour and every individual should work in order to build one for oneself.

Groom yourself:

This one might qualify as a cliche, but you’ve got to believe it. Dressing well and smelling good are two essentials. The way you dress speaks volumes about your personality. Hence, dress the way you want to portray yourself. Also, you wouldn’t want to smell bad, would you? Hence, always wear a perfume or a body spray. Of course too much of it kills, but a pleasant smell from your body ascents your appeal. Wear clothes according to the occasion, and don’t just randomly dress.

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