Pets as Pals

When Sir Winston Churchill, an ardent pet lover, worked on his memoirs, a pet budgerigar perched on his head, a ginger cat on his lap and a poodle at his feet. Perhaps the company of his pets gave him the focus needed to complete the challenging task of penning hundreds of pages of the manuscript!

A pet demands time, attention, money and space. Bringing home a pet is like adding a new member to the family the entire family needs to support the decision.

Pets are happiest if they have a daily regimen. You need to give them their meals on time, play with them, groom them, and take them out for walks. If you are the kind who forgets to plan your day, a pet can bring discipline to your life.

Pets offer companionship and unconditional love. Your pet will sit by your side and listen to your woes. You can always confide in your pet. Cuddly pets are especially good for children as they feel secure in their company.

Pets can also be a source of animal-borne diseases like Toxoplasma, cat scratch fever, allergies and some types of worms. Cats and dogs are also likely to bite their owners, albeit playfully, so you need to ensure that your pet is vaccinated against diseases like rabies.

Sometimes parents are not too keen on keeping pets as they fear that children may become too deeply attached to their pets.

Many pet owners feel that their pet makes them smile more than once a day. Reason enough to bring home a bundle of joy?

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