Old is Gold

What is your attitude towards your grandparents and elderly relatives? Do you feel they ‘ are a nuisance and that their opinions don’t matter? Then it’s time you changed your outlook!

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Older is wiser: Experience does count. You’ll be surprised at the guidance your grandparents can offer when you have a problem. Check it out!

Be compassionate: Physically, old people require help. Offer your seat in the bus, let them go first, open doors for them and make allowances for the fact that they move slowly and are hard of hearing.

Listen: The elderly need a sympathetic ear. They may go on about their ailments and repeat themselves umpteen times. That is annoying, but just think of the time they spent answering your questions when you were a child!

Appreciate: Give them importance. Old people often feel unwanted and useless, especially when they retire or give up an active life. Take their help in small chores and appreciate their assistance whole-heartedly.

Take them out: Involve your grandparents in outings like going to the cinema or to a restaurant. Invite them to school functions. Throw them a special party!

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