Learning to be Independent

Teenagers often feel the urge to assert their independence. But they should keep in mind that with independence comes responsibility.

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  1. First, tell yourself that you are growing up and learning to discriminate between right and wrong. Remember, humility is better than overconfidence.
  2. If you would like your parents to accept that you have grown up, then as a first step try spending your pocket money wisely and responsibly. Initially it may be tough but you will slowly see a difference in the way your parents deal with you.
  3. Try walking the tight rope between fun and responsibility. Keep your personal things in order. Finish your homework on time. It shows that you can shoulder responsibilities.
  4. Take up a household chore taking your pet for a walk or watering the plants. Do it diligently and sincerely. Soon your parents will trust you with bigger chores.
  5. Identify areas where you feel you know better than your elders which data connection or phone plan you should opt for etc. and make your suggestions. They would willingly accept your decisions.
  6. Participate in important household discussions but be a good listener. Try to understand what your parents say and then give your viewpoint.
  7. Lastly, remember your parents are looking forward to the day when they can trust you with important decisions. But as of now they are anxious about your safety and well being. Be patient
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