Important Role Of Mothers In Our Life

The word mother is more or less enough to make people feel a lot of different emotions at once. These emotions are namely love, respect and selflessness. These are just a few of the many adjectives and praises that can be used to describe a mother. From when we were toddlers we have been taught one thing, that the only person who will shower upon you a huge amount of love selflessly is your mother. And she has proved this statement time and again.


The important role of a mother is so vast that it can hardly be described in words.  Her role starts from the moment the first few strands of sunlight enter our house. She is not only awake before everyone else in the household but she is already in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Even if there is a maid to help her out, a mother always prefers to feed her family meals cooked by her own hands. So in reality the maid is just there for the sake of it, it is her who does all the work either way. To wake you up and get you ready for your day ahead also falls under her supervision.  A mother is the first person one looks for when something goes missing. She is the first person one goes to look for advice and she is always the first person one goes to in distress looking for comfort and love. Because we all know that just by placing her loving hand on our head or her arm around us she has the ability to make us feel loved as well as protected from all evil at the same time.

Even if your mother is a working woman, the efforts put in by her are not that different. Even after a hard day of work in her office, it is a mother who comes back home, even if all exhausted, and listens to stories about your day. It is your mother who asks you how your day went, as soon as you come back home from school or work. And it is she who by just the change in your facial expressions or voice knows that something is bothering you. She has the energy to go grocery shopping after work because she knows that no one other than her knows what her family needs. She is the only person who calls to check whether her child has eaten and whether they are okay.

Being a mother is the hardest job in this universe and yet our mothers always manage to put up a smile on their face. And even though we sometimes complain about her always nagging and always wanting to know where we are and what we do, it is also true that when on certain occasions the phone does not ring, we start worrying as to why she has not called yet. It is thus not rocket science to conclude that our mothers have a huge amount of impact on our lives and our lives will just fall apart if she is absent.

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