Important Role Of housewife In Our Life

There was a time in the 19th century when the very idea of a housewife was that of a woman whose only work would be to reproduce, take care of her husband’s needs and look impressive in front of guests and other family members. They would be surrounded by maids who would fetch for their every need and even help them in dressing up and bathing.


But nowadays, in the 21st century, the scene is quite a different one. Nowadays anyone who is a housewife comes with a set of abilities which is impossible for normal human beings to perform. There is this certain thought and conception in every person’s head that being a housewife is the simplest job ever and that women who are housewives have it easy and how it is the working women who have to face actual hardships in life. But just a statement is not true.

A day in the life of a housewife is not at all easy. She wakes up before everyone else, prepares meals for the whole family. Everything, from food to school uniforms to the clothes the husband will be wearing is washed and ironed and ready sitting on the bed for them. She is responsible for keeping everything in place. She is responsible for keeping the house spick and span. She is responsible for cooking even after making breakfast. She cooks you dinner, she cooks you lunch. In the evening when the husband is tired and comes home, she provides him with space and comfort. Raising the children well also falls under the responsibility of a housewife. When the children get back from school it is she who takes up the responsibility to check their school work and make them sit and finish their homework. If she is a new mother, then the work just becomes that much harder. Working women have the option of leaving behind their children in the aid of a maid or a nurse, but housewives? They do not have that option and only women who have done it know how hard it is to do all the work mentioned above with a toddler or a new born. Their sleeping schedules are untimely, they cry, they throw up, they need diaper changes and they need to be under the watchful eyes of the housewife, who looks after them. Not to mention that along with these she also looks keeps the finances of the house under check.

And even after doing all of these exceptionally physically draining tasks she still has the ability and stamina left in herself to look presentable for guests or even her husband who comes back home after a hard day in the office. She has the patience to listen to him talk about what happened at work. So, the statement that the role of a housewife is important is really an understatement, because it is quite evident that without the daily efforts that these women put in behind their household the whole house and the family will just come crashing down and stop functioning properly. Thus women who are housewives need to be shown equal importance and love, because even if not harder but the job that they do is as hard as the work that is done in an office sitting in front of a computer.

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