Feel Elated in your work and life

Yot everybody is happy at work. You may feel the ‘good factor’ about your job, but yet may not be at ease and contented. Well, you can surely be really cheerful and feel elated at work. You can be at cloud nine. How? Read on. You need to love your work if you seek to derive pleasure from it. To be able to do so, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to gauge your feelings towards it. It is necessary that you understand the larger picture well this can be done by evaluating different facets of your work on a regular basis. In this context, you should:


Pursue work that you are keen on: You should, ab initio, ask yourself what is it that gives you pleasure when you do it? You can take as much time as you want to make a response that is honest and can-did. It is only then that you will be able to pinpoint different pursuits that usher in delectation and contentment. The introspection, as it may be called may seemingly be an undemanding process, but is not so in reality. You will be required to do some intense thinking to arrive at an authentic finding. You should love whatever you are doing currently, but also progressively undertake those that you have a proclivity for. It should not be a cause for any surprise that there will be hordes of pursuits that you may have an inclination for and that they could well be different from the one that you are presently engaged in.

Muse on matters that make you feel good: Whether or not, your current job can push you ahead, does not really matter much. It is still possible for you to stand benefitted from it by engaging yourself in aspects that make you feel happy. It is not difficult to discern those matters that you enjoy doing more vis others. The foregoing would call for some contemplation and find out your strengths that when applied, make you feel pleased and satisfied. It is also necessary that you make serious efforts to find out how you can restructure and reschedule your work regimen in order to facilitate the maximum utilization of opportunities that are thrown open to you for exploitation. There is absolutely nothing wrong in discussing things with your manager or management; doing so will gear you up for better performance and which will be in the best interests of your company.

Remain dedicated to your job: It is next to impossible to maintain similar inspiration levels in all individuals. There will, be quite a few people who, despite the best of efforts will always be uninterested, uninspired and unstirred. Are you one of them? If yes, then you need to change your outlook so that you remain upbeat, sanguine and assured about what your work has in store for you. Remember that your job contributes significantly towards your wellbeing and in maintaining your life standards. Irrespective of to what degree your job does that and not with-standing whether you like your job or not, you should be thankful that your present job is responsible for all your happiness that exists today. Therefore, you need to ponder over the pros and cons of continuing or leaving your job in the light of the benefits it affords.

Undertake all tasks with fervor: If you are unable to find work that you enjoy, then you should change your outlook towards it from negative to positive. If you can control your attitude, you will control your happiness. You must make serious efforts to ignite fervor and ardor in you; and whatever you do. This can be achieved by recollecting activities that gave you pleasure and then make deliberate efforts to indulge in them again. It is just not possible that your work will be totally negative; there will be some upbeat angles to it. When you should focus on such issues, you will find that you will derive happiness. You could also ruminate over where and how your contributions are making big things happen; this would bring about a sense of achievement. And all achievements bring about happiness and contentment. You cannot maintain your passion if you let negativity secure a foothold in your mind. An optimistic and buoyant attitude will automatically make you feel happy and enjoy your work. You may make tireless efforts to alter your mind set and yet not succeed. Should that happen, you should begin to think about other options available to you, the best invariably being to embark upon something that you are passionate about. But, herein comes a word of caution; your decision to go in for a job or career change should not be made in haste. You could perhaps search for an avenue in your present company, even if it amounts to an altered role or sidestepping. Even if you decide to take a step back, things could stand bolstered for you to be happy. However, the bottom line is that you should not settle for a work that is not commensurate with your capability in terms of both quality and quantity.

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