Widowed Women

widow / divorced women - Narayanpur

widow / divorced women – Narayanpur

Name: Fateh I am: Male Seeking:  good care women for second marriage Profession: Meteorologist Marital status: Divorced Caste: Muslim Income: RS. 17800 Body: Decent Weight: 69Kg Age: 28 Hair color: Black Hobby: Sudoku, Stamp collecting About:  I have a job in pvt.Company ,I like to play Cricket, walking, hanging out with friend. Contact to me Location: Narayanpur – Chhattisgarh

marriage with widow - Panipat

marriage with widow – Panipat

Name:Adinath I am: Male Seeking: want marriage with widow, i am very decent look girl Profession: Call Center Marital status: Unmarried Cast: Hindu Income: Rs15800 Body: Decent Weight: 60Kg Age: 24 Hair color: Brown Hobby : Watching movies, Fossil hunting About : I’m simple decent and  i like music sports movies and making friends and meet new people. I am… Read more →

widow with friendship - Mahabubabad

widow with friendship – Mahabubabad

Name: Tarjani I am: Female Seeking: Open mindedtamil widow with friendship she must living in Mahabubabad city Profession: Cashier Marital status: Unmarried Cast:  Sikh Income: Rs 16000 Body: Slim Weight: 55 Kg Age: 27 Hair color: Brown Hobby : Puzzles, Book collecting About : I am B.A completed; I am kind nature girl and I am interested in NGO  and  I like… Read more →

i am single widow women - Damoh

i am single widow women – Damoh

Name:Pratushti I am: Female Seeking: Honor man with second marriage i am single widow women Profession: Merchandiser Marital status: widow Cast: Jain Income: Rs18000 Body: Good Weight: 60 Kg Age: 25 Hair color: Brown Hobby: Photography, Read story About:I am polite and a modest girl , thought are modern, I am a mature well educated. Contact to me Location: Damoh – Madhya… Read more →

widow women with marriage - Hoshangabad

widow women with marriage – Hoshangabad

Name:Samruddh I am: Male Seeking:Good Cook young widow women with second marriage Profession: Computer science Teacher Marital status: Unmarried Cast: Hindu Income: Rs 19900 Body: Good Weight: 68 Kg Age: 29 Hair color: Black Hobby: Download Games, Drawing About: I am Computer science Teacher, I am very cool, smart, tall and fantastic person. I am loving, caring, honest Contact to… Read more →

i am single divorced women - Gaya

i am single divorced women – Gaya

Name: Ratika I am: Female Seeking: Friendly nature i am divorced lady Profession: Librarians Marital status: Divorced Cast:  Buddhist Income: Rs10000 Body: Slim Weight: 54Kg Age: 27 Hair color: Black Hobby: Digital Arts, watch TV About: I have good job and I am Divorced, I am emotional and very fun loving and like traveling lot. Contact to me Location: Gaya – Bihar

widow for friendship - Hamirpur

widow for friendship – Hamirpur

Name: Smitha I am: Female Seeking:  good nature widow friend just for my feeling share i am feeling alone now days Profession: CNC Operator Marital status: Unmarried Caste: Hindu Income:15000 Body: Good Weight: 58 Kg Age: 28 Hair color: Black Hobby: Meteorology, Shopping About: I am graduate ,i have job in Pvt. Co. as CNC Operator, I am simple &… Read more →

widow with marriage - Almora

widow with marriage – Almora

Name: Ravinderpreet I am: Male Seeking:  widow with want marriage she must look beauty and proper from Almora city Profession: Driver Marital status: Unmarried Cast: Sikh Income: Rs 19000 Body: Attractive Weight: 70 Kg Age: 30 Hair color: black Hobby: Horse Riding & Out door Game About: I am educated person with good job ,  I am a Simple honest sincere… Read more →

divorced lady with friendship - Pauri Garhwal

divorced lady with friendship – Pauri Garhwal

Name: Yojana I am: Female Seeking:  friednship with widow / divorced women in Pauri Garhwal city Profession: Reporter Marital status: Divorced Cast: Hindu Income: Rs 19000 Body: Good Weight: 67Kg Age: 28 Hair color: Black Hobby: Music & Magic Show About: I am continue in education with job, I am Independent  and my nature very  cool ,I like reading, music, animals,… Read more →

marriage with widow - Aurangabad

marriage with widow – Aurangabad

Name:Aarif I am: Male Seeking: marriage with widow young female Aurangabad Profession: Court Reporters Marital status: Unmarried Cast: Muslim Income: Rs 20000 Body: Good Weight: 62 Kg Age: 31 Hair color: Brown Hobby: Ice hockey, Candle making About:I have good job and I am very innocent and cute guy, I like to play ,watch movies ,read books. Contact to me Location:… Read more →